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We have a few things to say about prescription savings.

FTC may hold the key to controlling insulin pricing

The pharmacy benefits landscape may be shifting with the new Federal Trade Commission appointee Alvaro Bedoya. He should be the tie-breaker in the 2-2 gridlock that has plagued the commission. One of the stymied issues has been whether the FTC should move forward in its investigation into the cost of insulin.

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Castlight Health and RazorMetrics Join Forces

AUSTIN, Texas, April 26, 2022/PRNewswire/ – Castlight Health is the newest member of RazorMetrics’ Partnership Collective, and RazorMetrics is joining Castlight’s Ecosystem of leading digital health companies. Castlight, a connected health navigation company, offers a world-class digital platform with a team of clinical and benefits experts who help members easily connect with the right programs and care at the right time, delivering better health outcomes and helping to maximize returns on healthcare investments.

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Navigating High Drug Costs: Study Finds Consumers Want Their Physician to Lead

RazorMetrics, an innovative healthcare technology company, recently conducted a consumer opinion survey asking about drug costs and found some surprising results. Despite the explosion in consumer-oriented drug savings options – mail-order pharmacy, discount cards, etc. – healthcare consumers want their physician to take the lead on lowering drug costs. The survey found that 80% of respondents would prefer their physician be the one to choose a lower-cost drug for their prescription and do so automatically.

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Health Tech Tackling Rising Drug Costs, Not Congress

In a recent article in Yahoo Finance, ‘As President Biden eyes drug pricing, expert laments ‘failure of democracy’.  The article states that 25% of Americans can’t afford their prescriptions and one-third have skipped a prescription due to cost.

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The Secret behind RazorMetrics? A Great Partnership

Co-founders Siva Mohan and Tom Dorsett come from very different backgrounds; one is a talented cardiologist and the other a successful entrepreneur. What they share is an “abiding optimism”, complete faith that there are no unsolvable problems.

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