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94% of Employers think drug inflation is a top threat.

Health plans and self-funded employers report the biggest threat to affordable medical coverage is the increasingly high cost of pharmacy claims. Recently, the annual MBGH Health Benefits Priorities survey found that pharmacy costs were seen as extremely problematic. Newly FDA-approved million-dollar treatments and specialty drug spending were listed as top concerns.  


Specialty Drug Program

RazorMetrics covers many specialty drugs, with more being added every month, including the following:

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Razormetrics Syringe

Managing High Cost Pharmacy Claims

Unfortunately, waste is built into the usual prescription process. For example, low-value, high-cost drugs are allowed onto formularies to please members or employees, scubas:

  • Me-too drugs“: Basically, the same drug formula as the original but with inconsequential differences to extend patent protection.
  • Combination drugs“: Creating a new patent by combining two active ingredients into one pill.
  • Brand-name drugs“: Using the brand version when a lower-priced version is available.

We have the visibility into this problem and the physician access to correct it.

Gain and Retain Clients with RazorMetrics

  • RazorMetrics supports your market growth and value proposition.
  • Impress clients by exemplifying your knowledge of cost management.

Client Presentations & Product Demonstrations

RazorMetrics EaselTo augment your sales success, RazorMetrics will provide access to our sales leadership team to help with client presentations and product demonstrations. You look smart in front of your customers by bringing your client something new, exciting, and effective.

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Year-Round Opportunity

Partners can expect a fast 30-60 day turn-around to be prepared to go-to-market.

Lead Sharing

Leads, prospects, and customers can be shared by email, through .csv files, or through an automated process. RazorMetrics uses HubSpot for our sales and marketing needs.

Why Work with Us

Demonstrate your expert knowledge by recommending RazorMetrics.

Client Problems

RazorMetrics Solutions

Prescribers don’t have the time, tools, or data to find the lowest cost for their patient’s prescriptions, but if they did, they would.

Prescriber Engagement –74% or prescribers respond to our switch recommendations. We factor in formulary, prior auth, step therapy, plan design, eligibility, and other important data, required to make informed prescribing decisions.

Specialty: 10 drugs make up approximately 25 percent of costs, and the top 50 drugs make up over half of costs

RazorMetrics covers 15 specialty drugs, with more being added every month.

Polypharmacy is associated with ~2X of total health care expenditure (198%) and 3X of pharmacy expenditure (287%).

RazorPolypharmacy™ – lowers client costs by applying patent pending analysis technology that identifies members with polypharmacy challenges with patients on 5 or more medications.

83% of members want their doctor to automatically switch their prescription to a lower-cost alternative.

RazorNotify™ – we don’t make patients chase lower prices – we simply notify them when their lower priced drug is ready at the pharmacy.

Over 77% of patients say if it meant lower costs, they would prefer to receive medication by mail.

RazorDelivery™ – saves the plan the TOTAL COST of the prescription because the purchase is cash pay through our partner DiRx. And, it works on the entire member base, not just those with a medication switch.

Rx discount card utilization experienced a 63% increase from 2017 to 2021.

RazorDiscount™ – We incorporate discount cards with our partner GoodRx, and it works on the entire member base, not just those with a medication switch. We send the “cash pay” transaction data back to the health plan to ensure Rx medication and care continuity.

68% of employers with 500 or more employees indicate that a focused strategy for creating a culture of health is important.

RazorCentives™ – Encourages members to accept a switch when the new medication carries an equal or higher out-of-pocket cost to the member yet saves the plan significantly.

Mutual Referrals

Referring RazorMetrics is great for us but how about for you? We touch a broad spectrum of healthcare and will be in a position to refer you as well.

Excellent Earnings Potential

Whether you earn consulting fees, PEPM / PMPM commissions, or a share of outcome-based shared savings revenues, RazorMetrics offers an excellent broker program that you and your clients will benefit from.

Dollar Signs

Is filling out RFPs / RFIs a pain? 

RazorMetrics' sales support staff will be with you every step of the sale!

Afraid of placing a burden on the client's resources?

RazorMetrics does all the lifting! 

No one else is addressing wasteful drug spending like us.

RazorMetrics helps physicians find the lowest cost medication for client’s members / employees.

A Consumer-Friendly Solution

The solution that most companies gravitate to are hugely unpopular with members and employees – higher premiums, increased copays, higher deductibles, more extreme prior authorization and use of step therapy.

RazorMetrics is different.

Vendor Agnostic

We're not a PBM, but we make them look smart.

We work with many of the top PBMs to optimize the formulary for employers and payers.

RazorMetrics Smart PBM

White-Labeled Collateral

RazorMetrics’ marketing team produces supporting collateral including brochures, one-pagers, powerpoints, and other printed or digital materials that can be whitelabled to client’s brand.

Frictionless for You and Your Clients

We triangulate across the broker, the client, and the PBM for truly win/win/win alignment.

  • RazorMetrics handles all the tech.
  • RazorMetrics complements PBMs and other vendors focused on lowering drug spending.
  • RazorMetrics provides free training, a robust knowledge base, and industry expertise.
  • RazorMetrics simplifies the switch process.
  • RazorMetrics increases savings above and beyond current efforts.
  • RazorMetrics offers performance guarantees for enterprise-level accounts.

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