Controlling Spend, Improving Health

We lower overall drug costs for you and your members.

Direct and Indirect Savings

Every year, drug costs rise significantly. RazorMetrics’ solution lowers out-of-pocket costs for members and decreases drug spend for the health plan to keep premiums competitive


Physicians Treat Patients, RazorMetrics Treats Data

Our SaaS-based solution reaches out of the data world and into physicians’ offices to change prescribing behavior and stay within your formulary.

Better Yields

Member-Initiated Switching is Unpredictable

We get outstanding response and acceptance rates from physicians because we make it easy for them. The secret is working within the normal physician clinic’s workflow.

Member-Initiated Solutions Don't Deliver Optimal Savings

Members have lower response rates because the process is outside their normal work day. Member-initiated switch programs ask the member to initiate a change by contacting their physician. Further, members are inundated with advertisements from drug manufacturers and the switch requests get lost in the noise.

120 Days to ROI

RazorMetrics’ solution can be implemented quickly and during any time of year. We are not tied to enrollment periods. In fact, we suggest deploying the new benefit outside of the enrollment window to capitalize on the opportunity to communicate to members when they are not flooded with insurance information.

120 Days

SOC2 Type II Security

We are happy to report that we achieved SOC2 Type II certification, the most rigorous security protocol available, proving that our platform and team can stand up to stringent testing. We are committed to keeping our clients’ sensitive data secure in the cloud and during data transfers.

Adherence to the Formulary

Formularies aren’t adhered to very well because physicians do not have access to each and every patient’s formulary. Hence, they prescribe the drugs they know not the ones most affordable to the patient nor the health plan. RazorMetrics’ unique process effectively creates guardrails around the formulary to guide physicians’ prescribing behavior.

Find the Waste

Our platform demo will show you where your health plan is losing money in drug spend.

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