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Increase your revenues while offering your clients a unique and effective solution. You determine what to charge on top of our standard PMPM fee.

Our approach is different, because we were developed by physicians who understand how prescribers think.

Our solution works for two primary reasons:

  1. We go straight to the source, the prescribers. Physicians prescribe the drugs they know, not the ones that are less expensive yet equally effective for the patient. We offer insight into the cost problem to physicians making them a partner for cost savings.
  2. We fit into the normal prescriber workflow. Our solution does not impact the physicians’ day and that makes all the difference in our success. We leverage their workflows that have existed for decades.

RazorMetrics is a slam dunk for you and your large clients. Best in class drug cost control that employees and members will appreciate.

  • No implementation or other hidden costs to you or partners.
  • Launch Any Season: Introduce and launch RazorMetrics any time during the plan year with no IT required.
  • An integrated offering, not just another app, that tackles wasteful drug spending at the source: the prescriber.
  • Leverage RazorMetrics’ expertise and support for client presentations, materials, and product demonstrations.
  • Branding Your Way: White label our platform, marketing and communication materials for your clients.
  • Increase platform stickiness by providing year-round information to clients (via dashboards) on how much they are saving on pharmacy spend.
  • Differentiate your offering from other benefits enrollment solutions – RazorMetrics is the only physician-first platform.

Join the Partnership Collective

Increase your revenues while offering partner’s a unique and effective solution. You determine what to charge on top of our standard PMPM fee.

RazorMetrics currently has a variety of partners, including:

What You Get

Value add for your clients:

Provide up to 10% reduction in overall pharmacy spend, 3X-5X ROI, increased employee engagement, and better health outcomes through an additional pharmacy benefit/program.

Additional revenue stream:

Recurring revenue stream with minimal sales and support resource requirements. RazorMetrics provides dedicated sales resources for prospecting, go-to-market, presentations, training, solutioning, and contracting to assist partner’s sales and product teams. We also provide dedicated account management and support services throughout the life of the contract to assist our partner and/or their client’s account management team.

Pharmacy benefits space:

Become a dominant player by offering a vetted drug savings program to clients.

Enhance adoption and engagement:

RazorMetrics’ RxAdvocate solution engages members throughout the year to encourage adoption and use of the platform,  which can improve medication adherence. All the functionalities can be white-labeled and integrated within your  platform.


of Employers think drug inflation is a top threat.

Recruit, Retain, Rescue

We add a new layer of value to your portfolio. We not only create additional revenue stream, we help partners secure net new clients but also retain and rescue existing clients.
RazorMetrics Life Ring
RazorMetrics ROI

ROIs Far Above the Competition!

* ROI  calculated from Razormetrics client with 1 million + members utilizing the full suite of solutions.

Don't Take Our Word for It,

See What Others Have to Say...

“At Benefitfocus, we are always looking to provide more saving options to our clients. RazorMetrics was the perfect fit. Using a whitelabeled version of their platform, we have created a new revenue stream for us and added an exciting savings opportunity to our clients. They have helped us close net new clients and retained large, existing clients.” –John Thomas, Chief Data Officer

The Partners You Will Be Joining

(and growing)

Mutually Beneficial Ecosystem Lets You Scale Up Quickly

The Partnership Collective gives members access to an ecosystem of innovative technology companies in the healthcare and benefits space. It allows companies the opportunity to scale up quickly and add functionality to their system without having to invest in new engineering. RazorMetrics’ integrations are straightforward and API-based, allowing Collective partners to add new functionality to their member-facing applications without changing the look or feel of their tools.
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Branding Your Way

RazorMetrics’ solution is completely adaptable and may be white-labeled to suit your needs. Communications with physicians, pharmacies, and members may include your logo, taglines, and/or photos. The savings are attributed to you.

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Ready to Get Started?

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And, we are waiting…
Contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.