Lowering Drug Spend for Self-Funded Employers

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Reduce your premiums and annual drug spend.

Every year you’re increasing your budget for drug spend and annual premiums inevitably go up to cover the cost. Companies are moving to higher deductible plans, but this trend is unsustainable.

We Pull Back The Curtain.

Our platform demo will reveal where and by how much you’re wasting on drug spend.

At the intersection between affordability, health, and productivity

You want the best for your employees. So do we. A productive workforce depends on healthy employees and that means ensuring life-saving medications are affordable. Our solution goes well beyond just switching from brand to generic labels.

The Platform utilizes the Intervention Codex to find the best and lowest cost options for your employees. It may surprise you to learn that a switch could be brand to brand, generic to brand, a different pharmacy, or something else. Our solution incorporates the following:

  • available gift cards
  • discount cards
  • pharmacy deals
  • rebate data
  • and much more

We scour the field to get your employees the best possible solution.

Physicians Treat Patients, RazorMetrics Treats Data

Simple User Experience

No disruption for patients.
No app to download.
No sign-up process for members.

Why Focus on Physicians?

Physicians are focused on physical well-being, and rightly so. Unfortunately, treatments can’t work if the employee can’t afford the medication. Physicians have the control but not the right information. Many factors effect drug prices: the members’ formulary, deductible, pharmacy, rebate structure, and more. Without assistance, physicians cannot be expected to prescribe the lowest cost drugs. Controlling these costs means making the physician a partner in lowering out-of-pocket expenses for your employees.

More than a PBM

Your Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) invested time and talent in creating a drug formulary to control costs including: rebate programs, prior authorization and step therapy requirements, and other strategies. But once the formulary is released to the wild, there are no guardrails to enforce these preferences.

RazorMetrics optimizes the work that PBMs do by giving prescribers a simple and efficient way to choose medications that are lower-priced and within formulary.

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