Lowering Drug Spend through Intelligent Automation

We take data out of the virtual world and transform it into real savings.

Automate and Streamline

RazorMetrics’ SaaS-based solution identifies wasteful drug spending and painlessly delivers savings all without disrupting members, employees, their physician or pharmacist.

If you're on the hook for pharmacy spend, then we can help.

We work with large self-funded employers, health plans, brokers, PBMs, pharmacies, and benefits management companies. The Platform can be delivered as a standalone option with direct member engagement or completely white-labeled to boost your brand. The platform is customizable to meet your specific needs.

Automated and Scalable Platform

Three Tiers

The intervention Codex is made up of 1000s of drug switch opportunities customized to formulary and other data points. 

The platform messages prescribers directly through critical workflows that have existed for decades.

The accepted change order is routed through the pharmacy and the member is notified to close the loop on the savings. 

Highest Response Rate In Drug-Switching

RazorMetrics’ platform goes straight to the physician with a switch recommendation, leveraging existing, critical workflows to achieve excellent conversion rates through a model that simply notifies the patient versus asking them to download, register, and utilize an app.
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Dollar Signs

Platform Demo

Our initial analysis typically find 15-25% in excessive drug spend.

Formulary Optimization

RazorMetrics’ unique process effectively creates guardrails around the formulary to guide physicians’ prescribing behavior. Using our Intervention Codex, we can process an entire member base, identify lower-cost drug options, and communicate switch recommendations to doctors and patients; all while staying within the normal physician, pharmacy, and patient workflow.

SOC2 Type II Security

We are happy to report that we achieved SOC2 Type II certification, the most rigorous security protocol available, proving that our platform and team can stand up to stringent testing. We are committed to keeping our clients’ sensitive data secure in the cloud and during data transfers.
AICPA SOC aicpa.org/soc4so

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