Cutting Prescription Drug Spend is Easier than You Think

Self-funded organizations are desperately looking to control the rising cost of their medical plans as expenses are rising well beyond inflation.

Intelligent Rx

Intelligent Rx is a smarter, self-improving system that adapts rapidly and accurately to specific client formularies, changing patient needs, provider directives, and pharmacy market conditions. The AI-driven machine learning is the power behind the system. When the Intervention Codex finds a viable, cost effective alternative for a patient, it applies what it has learned from patterns of decisions over time to make the best recommendation possible.

Engage Rx

RazorMetrics Engagement Platform facilitates our three-phased engagement process that pulls patient, provider, and pharmacy together. The platform communicates recommendations to both patients and providers for approval and then conveys changes to the pharmacy in a smooth and effective patient-centric process that concurrently avoids creating provider and pharmacy workflow burden.

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