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We have a few things to say about prescription savings.
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Accelerate Your Pharmacy Savings

Recently, RazorMetrics was brought in to be evaluated on our hard numbers: time to ROI, actual savings, and real prescriber response stats.  When we pulled

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Inflation Reduction Bill and Its Healthcare Impact

The Inflation Reduction Bill passed the House last November (2021) then it hit the Senate and stalled. After a long pause and some wheeling and dealing, it squeaked by in the Senate on August 7th. Then, it flew back through the House on Friday the 12th and now, will be signed by the President in the coming days. Now that it has passed the legislature, here is what you need to know about how the Inflation Reduction Bill will impact healthcare:

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FTC may hold the key to controlling insulin pricing

The pharmacy benefits landscape may be shifting with the new Federal Trade Commission appointee Alvaro Bedoya. He should be the tie-breaker in the 2-2 gridlock that has plagued the commission. One of the stymied issues has been whether the FTC should move forward in its investigation into the cost of insulin.

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