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Most drug solutions go directly to the employee, which puts a heavy burden on them. RazorMetrics contacts the physician first, not the employee. Why? Because the physician has the knowledge, trust, and immediate ability to write a new prescription.  

According to RazorMetrics’  patient drug cost survey:

  • 80% of patients want their physician to figure
    out the best, lowest cost medication and change it automatically
  • 9 out ten patients would be more satisfied with their physician if they talked to them about drug prices
  • Two-thirds reported that they would have a more favorable opinion of their physician if they changed their prescription to a lower cost option

Genuinely Different

Transformative. Innovative. These are words you probably hear a lot. The pharmacy space is rapidly being reshaped by new, disruptive technologies and RazorMetrics is at the forefront of shifts in drug cost management. We can help you improve the bottom line and help your employees benefit from lower prescription costs.

Frictionless Tech
You will love our simple, turnkey solution. RazorMetrics sets up the AI and the savings roll in within the first 90 days.  

Simple User Experience

There is no disruption to your employees, no app to download, and no annoying sign-up process. RazorMetrics’ solution is frictionless and highly compatible with other healthcare cost-saving services – wellness programs, chronic condition management, etc. If you already use discount cards or member directed apps, you can still use them. Our program simply enhances adherence to the formulary.

Documented Savings

You will see savings inside of three months. Annually, you will save 3-5X ROI with compounding savings month over month. We calculate savings using the delta between the cost of the original prescription and the cost of the new prescription. We only include switches that were filled and picked up. This information is verified through the claims data and reported to you every month. 

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