Best in Business Executive Leadership Award goes to Tom Dorsett, RazorMetrics

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AUSTIN, Texas, July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tom Dorsett, CEO of RazorMetrics wins the prestigious Merit Award for Business Leadership. RazorMetrics is an Austin-based drug cost-reduction platform for health plans, large employers, and patients.

Once a year, the Merit Awards choose three top Executives who have contributed to the continued growth of the market worldwide. This year, the top honor went to Tom Dorsett, of RazorMetrics.

“I am truly honored to be recognized by the Merit Awards for excellence in Executive Leadership. As CEO, I set the tone for the company’s culture. My focus is to create a healthy workplace that fosters mutual respect and collaboration, encourages creative risks, and where employees intend to stay and advocate for the company,” said Tom Dorsett, CEO RazorMetrics.

Tom is firmly established as a successful serial entrepreneur who has founded three successful companies and exited two. He puts his focus and talent to creating unique solutions to intractable problems in the healthcare field, including Health IT, clinical research, and benefits spaces. His current venture tackles one of the biggest problems out there, outrageous drug costs.

The Merit Awards recognize the efforts put forth by global industries and the markets they serve. They recognize businesses in several categories, including Executive Leadership, Business Technology, Emerging Business, among others offering Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards to the top three. The full list of winners is available to see online at Merit Awards.

About RazorMetrics
RazorMetrics is a healthcare technology company whose SaaS-based platform uses AI and ML to lower drug spend for health plans, self-insured employers, and consumers. RazorMetrics’ unique, physician-driven approach is simple and requires no extra clicks in the EHR and no external programs or apps to access. Switches are straightforward, easy to make, and the entire process stays within the normal clinical workflow. The platform is complementary to existing pharmacy initiatives and works with PBMs and other drug cost savings solutions to optimize results. RazorMetrics is fully scalable and customizable to each client’s unique variables and formularies. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Casey DeMoss, RazorMetrics
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