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RazorMetrics Launches Partnership Collective

By July 13, 2021No Comments

Partners in the Collective are Healthcare Tech Companies
Innovating in the Drug Savings Space

AUSTIN, Texas, July 13, 2021/PRNewswire/ – The Partnership Collective is comprised of tightly integrated health technology companies with a common goal: drug cost containment and reduction.

Partners in the Collective are benefit management platforms and other types of application providers that count large employers and health plans as clients. RazorMetrics has launched the new initiative to integrate its solution into partners’ technology to seamlessly add drug-cost savings to their existing offerings. Access to the collective will help benefit providers attract new clients and retain current ones by offering a more competitive benefit.

The Partnership Collective gives members access to a mutually beneficial ecosystem of innovative technology companies in the healthcare space. It allows companies the opportunity to scale up quickly and add functionality to their system without having to invest in new engineering. RazorMetrics’ integrations are straightforward and API-based, allowing Collective partners to add new functionality to their member-facing applications without changing the look or feel of their tools.

“The technology is engineered to dovetail into the tech of our partners, offering easy drug cost savings as a new benefit to their members and white-labeled to the partners’ branding,” said RazorMetrics CEO, Tom Dorsett. “We are engineered for this. It’s in our DNA.”

“We’ve found ourselves at the right place at the right time. There are so many different companies that want to add drug cost-saving functionality but have struggled to create it themselves. At RazorMetrics, this is our absolute focus,” said Siva Mohan, MD, RazorMetrics President and Chief Medical Officer. “RazorMetrics reaches out of the data world and into prescriber offices to actually change prescribing behavior and stay within a client’s formulary.”

About RazorMetrics
RazorMetrics is pioneering the next generation of drug cost savings through a proprietary SaaS-based platform that offers cost control to self-funded employers and health plans, transparency for physicians, and affordable prescriptions for employees and members. The platform may be fully integrated into partners’ applications or white-labeled as a standalone benefit. For more information, visit

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