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Our Unique Solution

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Most drug solutions go directly to the patients, which puts a heavy burden on them. RazorMetrics contacts the prescriber first, not the patient. Why? Because the prescriber has the knowledge, trust, and immediate ability to write a new prescription.

According to RazorMetrics’ patient drug cost survey:


of patients want their physician to figure out the best, lowest cost medication and change it automatically.

9 in 10

patients would be more satisfied with their physician if they talked to them about drug prices.


Founded by Physicians

RazorMetrics was founded by physicians who recognized that they had the control over prescriptions but not the right cost information. The tools available today such as RTBT require providers to go out of the EHR (not all of the time, some RTBT works inside) and it adds time to an already booked schedule. RazorMetrics takes all the work out of finding a lower cost script for the provider and it saves patients money at the pharmacy without impacting the workflow.

Three Tiers

Better Health Outcomes

You want the best for your patients. So do we.

That means ensuring life-saving medications are affordable. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, a $10 increase in health costs for Medicare patients led to:

  • ~23 percent decrease in drug adherence
  • ~33 percent increase in monthly mortality

Our solution goes well beyond just switching from brand to generic labels. We use AI and machine learning to find the best and lowest cost options for your patients within their specific formulary.

~ 100 %
Decrease in Drug Adherence

~ 0 %
Decrease in Drug Adherence

From our Co-Founder

Dr. Siva Mohan

As a cardiologist with an active practice, I can attest to the frustration doctors feel when we get a call from a patient at the pharmacy. We try another medication hoping that it will be covered by the patient’s health plan. The system is built on a trial by error model,” said Dr. Siva Mohan, MD and co-founder of RazorMetrics. “It’s inefficient and deeply frustrating for everyone involved. I founded RazorMetrics to put the right tool in providers’ hands.

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No extra clicks in the EHR

There is no disruption to your patients, no app for your staff to download, and no annoying sign-up process. RazorMetrics’ solution is frictionless and works within your clinic’s normal workflow. We simply contact the clinic with switch options for a specific patient based on their insurance plan and formulary. All you need to do is review the recommendations and make the best medication choice for your patient.

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Contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.