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Learn more about how your employer has provided you with a solution to potentially save you money every month on your prescription drugs.

As you all know prescription cost continue to rise. These costs affect you and your family and keep the cost of insurance high. RxAdvocate benefit program analyzes claims data and can save on average over $300 per member through recommending “switches” to equivalent drug prescriptions. RxAdvocate uses a secure proprietary platform designed by physicians and pharmacists to search for savings on your prescriptions.

Medication switches or suggested changes are most often thought of as changing a brand-name product to a generic drug. Switching also can mean the changing of one brand name product for another, or the switching of a generic medication to the same drug produced by another generic manufacturer.

There are two types of switches: generic substitution and therapeutic substitution.

Generic Substitutions

Generic substitution refers to the switching of a brand-name product to a generic product with the same active ingredients.

What is a therapeutic substitution?

With therapeutic substitution, a medication previously determined to be therapeutically equivalent to a second drug, even though it is not chemically identical to the prescribed drug

No, your employer will never see what medications you are taking.


No, you don’t have to do anything. Any potential prescription switches that are identified by the RxAdvocate system are then sent directly to your personal prescriber (doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant) for review. After reviewing the suggested switches your own physician or prescriber will submit a new prescription to your pharmacy.  At no time is your personal information shared with your employer.

No, RxAdvocate takes your privacy very seriously and will not release your private information to your company. They contracted with RxAdvocate , a HIPAA compliant company to ensure your information is safe and privacy protected. No personal information will be shared with your Employer.

Saving will depend on your current insurance plan and provider deductible.

No, this benefits program is simply looking for savings through your current insurance provider.

Anyone covered under your insurance carrier is eligible for this benefit.

The savings on your prescription is an approved change by your doctor or prescriber. However, if you feel that this change is not for you then you can discuss with your pharmacist and/or doctor about staying on your current medication.

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You can go to the opt out by contacting your HR department at your employer. You can also submit a request here.

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