RazorMetrics New Website Launched!

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We’re proud to announce that our new website is live with updated content, graphics, and information to help interested parties review and understand better the solutions that RazorMetrics offer to employers and health plans.

RazorMetrics new website will be regularly updated with news on company products, accomplishments, and events as well as telecommunications and healthcare industry developments and news.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website and sign up for RazorMetric’s mailing list to receive direct emails on the Contact Us page.

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Water to Pharmacy Desert

Getting Water to Pharmacy Deserts

On a recent episode of “What the Health,” journalist Joanne Kenen called out a rising problem: drugstores are closing across the country and creating pharmacy deserts. Local pharmacies have long served as lifelines for rural and low-income areas, acting as accessible healthcare hubs and spots for grocery items. Regrettably, recent developments in the retail pharmacy landscape are raising concerns about the accessibility of essential healthcare services and products in already vulnerable communities.


Enhancing Patient Safety with Discontinuation

Medication errors are a significant problem in healthcare. In a recent RazorMetrics blog, we found that errors cause between 7,000 – 9,000 excess deaths in the United States every year. Complications that result from taking the wrong medication or the wrong dosage add another $40 billion to healthcare costs.

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