RazorMetrics Analytics Platform

The Analytics Platform is the engine behind the processing, analysis and intervention that RazorMetrics’ business runs on. Leveraging state of the art, SaaS-based, HIPAA compliant technologies, this robust, highly scalable platform automates the process of data acquisition and ingestion, and generation of recommended drug switches. A sophisticated workflow process guides recommendations from the engine to the physician and the pharmacy.

Our Codex

Our Codex is the DNA of RazorMetrics' platform. It
drives the platform’s analytics with evidence-based
processes that continually improve and optimize savings
over time.


RazorMetrics’ Engagement Platform facilitates our three-phased engagement process that pulls member, provider, and pharmacy together. The platform communicates recommendations to both members and providers for approval and then conveys changes to the pharmacy in a smooth and effective member-centric process. The RazorMetrics’ Workflow delivers efficient, individualized interactions with Physicians, Members and Pharmacists without creating provider or pharmacy workflow burden.

Intelligent Rx

Intelligent Rx is a smarter, scalable system that adapts rapidly and accurately to specific client formularies, member needs, provider directives, and pharmacy market conditions. The platform is the power behind the system.

The Intervention Codex finds a viable, cost effective alternative for a patient by using a proprietary evidence-based rules engine to make the best recommendation possible.

Optimal Client Interaction

The RazorMetrics Workflow delivers efficient, individualized interactions with Employers, Physicians and Patients. Supported by Machine Learning technology, the system adapts to the behaviors of the individual to leverage the best preferred communication channel or channels. To make this happen, the platform retains and analyzes thousands of data points per interaction.

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