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We have a few things to say about prescription savings.

FTC may hold the key to controlling insulin pricing

The pharmacy benefits landscape may be shifting with the new Federal Trade Commission appointee Alvaro Bedoya. He should be the tie-breaker in the 2-2 gridlock that has plagued the commission. One of the stymied issues has been whether the FTC should move forward in its investigation into the cost of insulin.

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Navigating High Drug Costs: Study Finds Consumers Want Their Physician to Lead

RazorMetrics, an innovative healthcare technology company, recently conducted a consumer opinion survey asking about drug costs and found some surprising results. Despite the explosion in consumer-oriented drug savings options – mail-order pharmacy, discount cards, etc. – healthcare consumers want their physician to take the lead on lowering drug costs. The survey found that 80% of respondents would prefer their physician be the one to choose a lower-cost drug for their prescription and do so automatically.

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