You Deserve Better

Self-Funded Employers can offer high quality healthcare options and control cost at the same time.


The RazorMetrics Solution

As a self-funded employer, you already know about skyrocketing prescription costs and the importance of affordable medical coverage for your most important assets — your people.

Take control and successfully manage your health plan's bottom-line with transparency. Our three-phase engagement process ensures that patients are offered the right options at the best possible prices.

We Take Care of the Details

Your company doesn’t have to add staff to manage your new cost saving initiative.

Seamless Coordination

RazorMetrics works alongside your PBM to provide game-changing transparency to the prescription process. The new insight enhances outcomes for prescribers and members, which lowers costs for your organization.

You Can’t Afford to Wait

RazorMetrics can easily be deployed at any point during the year. It doesn't alter your benefit plan in any way. The process is completely independent of benefit renewal cycles. The time to save is now.

Do you want to save money on your health plan?

Let us evaluate your data at no cost and provide a savings estimate today.

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