Why RazorMetrics?

Simple. Effective.


Partnering with RazorMetrics is easy

RazorMetrics works with service providers, brokers, third-party administrators, and consultants to cut drug costs for their self-funded employers. Our growth model is partner-centric and highly reciprocal.

RazorMetrics is a great addition to your menu of recommendations for self-insured employers and health plans. With no upfront cost, performance-based pricing, and proven results, it’s a straight-forward win.

Enhancing PBMs

We’re not replacing PBMs. We’re here to enhance the PBM model as an advocate for the plan sponsor and its members.

Additional Benefit

RazorMetrics is a great addition to your existing program as it helps you offer additional cost savings and positive client engagement.

Peace of Mind

RazorMetrics is a great partner for your customers and members. We have a proven track record and our staff bring decades of experience to the table.

Let’s talk about how we can work together.