Transparency for Health Plans

RazorMetrics is the only analytics technology platform offering direct transparency to Prescribers using a proven method to control costs at the source.

Why Should Your Organization Try RazorMetrics?

Our health plan clients have the option of utilizing their own human resources and licensing the platform or leveraging our turnkey solution where we provide technology and services. The program is flexible to your plan’s needs. 

Can Transparency Really Change the Arena? YES!

Informed Decisions

Physicians get accurate and beneficial low cost alternatives with no added workflow. Members get to hear about lower cost, therapeutically equivalent options from their physician and are empowered to make informed choices before going to the pharmacy.

Another Benefit for your Members

Members get more drug choices, added clinical expertise, and a new way to save money at the pharmacy.

Brand Awareness

Tailored communication with members is a great way to boost your brand. Increasing member satisfaction enhances reviews and earns positive ratings.

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