Our Codex

Our Codex is the DNA of RazorMetrics machine learning. It
drives the platform’s analytics with evidence-based
processes that continually improve and optimize savings
over time.

RazorMetrics Analytics Platform

The Analytics Platform is the engine behind the processing, analysis and intervention process that RazorMetrics’ business runs on. Leveraging state of the art, cloud-based, HIPAA compliant technologies, this robust, highly scalable platform automates the process of data acquisition and ingestion, and generation of recommended drug switches. A sophisticated workflow process guides recommendations from the engine to the physician and the pharmacy.

Intervention Codex

A Multi-phase data analysis pipeline processes incoming pharmacy claims by cleansing and normalizing, applying RazorMetrics’ proprietary cross industry Intervention Codex to identify switches and then validating the proposed switches against employer and patient specific constraints to get a the best alternative for the patient at the best price for the employer.

Continuous Codex Improvement

RazorMetrics continually ensures that it is leveraging the most contemporary, complete and high-quality data sources available.  We improve our medication interventions through the application of Machine Learning technology to track and apply best practices for recommended interventions.

Optimal Client Interaction

The RazorMetrics Workflow delivers efficient, individualized interactions with Employers, Physicians and Patients. Supported by Machine Learning technology, the system adapts to the behaviors of the individual to leverage the best preferred communication channel or channels. To make this happen, the platform retains and analyzes thousands of data points per interaction.

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