Cason Vaughn, VP Customer Success, and Business Operations

Cason has spent 20 years in multiple Operations and Customer Success roles. Cason’s passion is in the how and using metrics to keep score. Building company excellence through the right tools, processes, and training “to enable both success and a great client experience creates a real sense of satisfaction for me”. With a Degree in Business Administration from North Carolina State, Cason started his career in a small payroll startup selling Payroll SAAS.  It was here that Cason found a real knack for innovating processes to improve the sales and service of his clients as the company grew to over 600 EE and 100K Clients. The company was ultimately acquired by Intuit (makers of QuickBooks and Turbo Tax).


At Intuit, Cason was asked to come aboard to lead the Intuit Payroll Service project team. Cason grew his team while working closely with Intuit’s leadership to drive new initiatives and innovative products, delivering multi-million dollar returns for the new payroll sales and service centers across the US. While in this role, Cason completed training in Six-Sigma, Toyota process models, and Lean Startup methodologies. Cason’s leadership and Team Building skills led him to take a larger role as the head of Sales and Service Operations supporting over the 4.2 M Intuit payroll clients. After 15 years at Intuit, the entrepreneurial bug bit and Cason went back to his startup roots to start a mortgage bank with his brother developing and building strong sales and customer success teams over 5 years across 5 states. After merging with another Mortgage Bank out of Dallas, Cason began looking for the next challenge and was approached by RazorMetrics to bring his operational skills to develop a solid platform for Customer Success and growth.